Industrial Clutch Adjustment

A periodic clutch adjustment is necessary for the continued efficient use of an Industrial Power Take Off.

WARNING – Be sure engine is off before adjusting the clutch. Adjusting the clutch with the engine running may result in personal injury and/or damage to equipment.

NOTE – Clutches in new power take-offs require checking of adjustment after installation and prior to operation.

There are two basic over center clutches:

  • One is the Twin Disc style
  • The other is Rockford Powertrain style

While similar, the clutch adjustment on each model is different:

  • Rockford 6.5 inch to Rockford 11.5 inch adjust counterclockwise
  • Twin Disc 6.5 inch to Twin Disc 11.5 inch adjust clockwise
  • Twin Disc and Rockford 14.5 inch clutches adjust clockwise

Do not adjust the clutch too tight. Forces above maximum may cause clutch component failure.

Torque wrench method (preferred method)

Refer to service manual for “Checking the torque at the operating shaft (cross shaft)”.